Фабрика изделий из кожи, Китай

кожаные сумки, кошельки, ремни - от производителя

Летом 2011 на сайт пришло письмо от китайского производителя сумок, кошельков, ремней и т.п. - кожгалантерея. Фабрика основана в 2004, называется - Guangzhou Baiyun Hongyuan Leather Factory, контакты ниже.

Nice to meet you!

Please kindly pass this E-mail to the manager or designer or purchaser of your company.

Knowing from the internet that your company’s main business is lady’s fashion handbags and purses, please allow me to make a brief introduce of our factory.

Guangzhou Baiyun Hongyuan Leather Factory was established in 2004 in Guangzhou, China. We have many years of experience in manufacturing handbags and purses. 

We are always strictly in control of the goods’ quality with sharp price which make us have a lots of customers in America and Europe, such as NEW LOOK (UK), MISAKO (Spain), DANIEL RAY (Netherland), VITARIO VERA (USA), AUTOGRAPH (Australia), PLAYBOY (China), who are our longtime customers.

More detail please connect to Sincerely hope to make a long time business relationship with you.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Baiyun Hongyuan Leather Factory
Add: No.12 Lianxing Rd.
Yibian Industry, Jiahe,

Tel: +8620-22054581
Fax: +8620-22054569
Mobile: +8615920189798